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Stretching and growing skin, especially on the bellies and breasts often rob the skin of its natural moisture leading to dryness, itching, and stretchmarks as well as other blemishes which are simply not very nice to look at.

Our Stretchmarks & Blemish bundle utilises the Natural quad of; 100% Pure, Fresh-Pressed Rosehip seed Oil, 100% Pure, Rosemary Essential Oil, 100% Pure, Fresh-Pressed Argan Oil, and 100% Pure, Refined Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil which works harmoniously together to help soothe and moisturise dry skin, build collagen, heal wounds and scars while ultimately helping to get rid of stretchmarks and related blemishes.

Why we love it:

  • Promotes skin elasticity and regeneration to help soothe Itchy & Stretchy skin
  • A curated skincare bundle to help get rid of Stretchmarks & Blemishes
  • Money saving bundle – no code required.
  • Moisturising
  • Purifying

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100% Pure, Fresh-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil – 30ml
100% Pure, Fresh-Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil – 30ml

Extremely rich in Vitamins A, E and Essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. The Q7Paris Rosehip Seed Oil is packed full of antioxidants which give it anti-aging benefits and the ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

The vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The deep skin-penetration of the oil is further enhanced by its richness in Vitamin A, which has small enough molecules to go deeper into the skin, where it helps improve the skin’s moisture levels thereby reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin A also help improve skin texture and tone.

The essential fatty acids in rosehip oil can help reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration and repair. The rosehip oil is a very dry and thin oil that softens and hydrates the skin deeply and is great for sun damaged and pigmented skin.

It helps treat scaly, irritated, and dry skin conditions.

100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil – 30ml
100% Pure Rosemary Essential Oil – 30ml

Our 100% Pure Rosemary Oil is a highly stimulating essential oil that is ideal for use on both the hair and skin. Highly rich in both vitamins and minerals, the nutrients of the oil enable it to help protect the skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and other environmental factors.

Thanks to its cellular regeneration abilities, Rosemary oil is an ideal ingredient if you need to improve hair growth and thickness. It will also effectively help get rid of both hair and skin conditions such as dandruff, itchy scalp, acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

100% Pure, Fresh-Pressed Argan Oil – 30ml
100% Pure, Fresh-Pressed Argan Oil – 30ml

Argan oil is a very versatile oil that is extremely beneficial to both skin and hair. Rich in Vitamin A and E as well as essential fatty acids, coupled with its antioxidant properties, argan oil is well known for its anti- aging effects on the skin as it helps fight signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks etc.

It also helps revitalise weakened hair by helping restore its natural barriers as it promotes strength, flexibility, instant shine, and softness while repairing damaged ends and hair roots.

100% Pure, Refined Coconut Oil – Bottled – 250ml
100% Pure, Refined Coconut Oil – Bottled – 250ml

Derived from the fruit of the coconut tree which is a member of the palm tree family, the versatility and benefits of coconut is well-chronicled and known all over the world. It is truly multi-purpose, and its uses extend from the kitchen to skin, hair and body care. The coconut oil helps against dryness and locks in moisture. Extremely Rich in Vitamin E, with a characteristic consistency, this wonder oil helps heal, repair, protect and revive problem-suffered, sun-damaged skin and weakened hair while acting as a natural sunscreen thereby helping to protect the skin against harsh UV rays, consequently making the skin appear lighter and brighter.

Even better, this coconut oil is 100% pure, cold-pressed from fresh coconuts and carefully refined without chemicals.

It is odourless!

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Additional Information:

What is not to love about this bundle!

The included Rosehip seed oil is naturally rich in vitamin C that help stimulate the production of collagen, the youthful protein in the skin. It is also extremely rich in vitamins A and E as well as in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which all works together to help improve skin elasticity and stimulate skin regeneration.

While the pure refined natural coconut oil deeply nourishes and provide a moisturising experience that keep the skin soft for a long time, the Rosemary essential oil helps soothe itchy and stretchy skin by providing relief that helps keep stretch marks in check. To top it off, apart from helping to directly fight stretchmarks, the Argan oil helps maintain youthful-looking skin by nourishing and replenishing it as well as restoring it’s natural barrier.

How to use:

  1. Create a massage oil by mixing: 5 drops of the included Rosemary Essential oil, + 15ml of included Coconut oil, + 5 drops of the included Rosehip seed oil, + 5ml of the included Argan Oil.
  2. Mix well and massage in a circular motion into the required skin area until completely absorbed.
  3. For best results, repeat 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and night (preferably before bed).


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