Self-care: Home beauty treatments to try

DIY beauty treatments

The world may be in and out of Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions but staying at home doesn’t have to mean missing out on a little self-care. Pampering is often a go-to when we feel in need of a little TLC but if you don’t fancy taking a trip to a spa, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out. At Q7 Paris, our products give a professional finish that can be done at home as part of your daily beauty routine. All Q7 Paris products are manufactured in the UK using only the finest ingredients. Formulated and tested by skincare experts, here’s our pick of the Q7 Paris home beauty treatments to try…

Luminaire skin lightening lotions

This skin lightening range was released in 2020 and was a complete sell out among our distributors! With its luxe gold packaging and top-quality ingredients, we just knew Luminaire would be one to watch…

The beauty of Q7 Paris’ Luminaire products is that they can be used as a full skincare routine, or as standalone products if you simply want to try something new. Why are our Luminaire beauty products must haves? The Luminaire lotions are moisturising and offer targeted skincare. The dark spot corrector intensive lightening lotion is a gradual cream you can use during lockdown and once restrictions are lifted skin will look bright and smooth.

Of course, no DIY beauty routine would be complete without a good serum. Perfect for use before bed or on no makeup and work from home days, the Q7 Paris skin lightening serums are a great lockdown treat. Available in normal – dry and combination – oily skin formulas, the Q7 Paris serums offer potent ingredients that are gentle enough to use daily. Slather your favourite moisturiser on top, sit back and wait for the results!

DIY beauty treatments

Q7 Paris shower gels

The Q7 Paris shower gels are the ultimate stay at home treat. Sometimes you don’t have time for a full skincare routine, but you can always spare a few minutes for the ultimate in luxury bathroom pampering! Our shower gels come in a variety of luxe scents and in supersize bottles too – and a little goes a long way.

We love the papaya and liquorice scent with its added skin lightening properties. What we adore most about our luxury shower gels is that they can also be used as a bath soak for the best bubble bath you’ll ever have! Just don’t forget to light that candle and pour yourself a glass of something nice – we’ve got your weekend plans sorted!

Q7 Paris almond oil

Why do we love the Q7 Paris 100% almond oil so much? Well, who doesn’t want to make their money go further? The Q7 Paris oil is multipurpose – saving space in your cabinet and money in your pocket! Our oils are made with only the finest ingredients and can be used on both skin and hair. The Q7 Paris sweet almond oil is one pampering treat you won’t want to be without. What’s more, you can smooth it over dry ends or you can leave it on for a few hours or overnight for a nourishing treatment. It’s also great for the skin, absorbing quickly while leaving a delicate, moisturised glow. If your skin struggles to retain moisture, why not give the 100% pure glycerine a try? This product is a total bargain but a complete beauty staple! The ultimate softener for brittle hair and dry skin – add to basket now, you know you want to!

Would you like the Q7 Paris skincare experts to build you a custom skincare routine? Contact us today to find out about home beauty treatments or shop Q7 Paris now at q7paris.com or via your local distributor.